Desert Rose Backdrops


           My Showstring

Here are some of my show horses using different backdrops available either on my home page or the mhsp.  Most of the backdrops are 20x30 but some are smaller for the small horses as well.  All the  horses and tack have won many nan cards and reserve grand and grand championships including NAN top 10's.....This page I will be constantly adding to.


 Stone OF FCM Bint Al Hawa ,Arena #1        AA Sleepy Shire resin, backdrop#4

Halter by Brenda Gallagher                             Customized by Animal Artistry


Stone OF SR Gorgeous George, Eng.countryside #1


 Gerhardt Uphoria mini,Backdrop#2                  

Customized by Rita Menard Baker                         

Tack by Amy Showalter


Mink Dafydd resin, Backdrop #5                                            Breyer ASB CM, Backdrop#4

Customized by Sommer Prosser                                                Customized by Faye Cohen

                                                                                                              Tack by Vicky Norris


Breyer Swaps Seabiscuit OF,backdrop #4                    Stone OF Nahilaa SR, DeathValley#2

Seabiscuit Tack by Vicky Norris                                  Native costume by Brenda Gallagher


Mink  Tango resin, backdrop #5                        Stone OF SR Shining Star, Backdrop #20

Customized by Danielle Feldman


Cantrell mini Haggis resin, corral backdrop       

Customized by Sandra Hottinger                               


Kilbourn Dinky Duke resin, Indoor arena 3      Stone OF Draft Rockstar FCM, Kanab fence

Customized by Sandra Hottinger                             This backdrop no longer available


Breyer Scallywag Conn, backdrop #3                    Jolley LaReina mini resin,backdrop#8

                                                                                             Customized by Chris Jolley


Breyer OF Windtalker, Desert backdrop            Moodys Arab Star Studded, Backdrop #2

                                                                                         Customized by Yvonne Davey

                                                                                          Arab native tack by Lisa Salamandick


Breyer Bluegrass Bandit CM, Indoor Arena 3    Stone OF Gingerbread, Highdesertscene

 Customized by Faye Cohen


Tumlinson Mini Scarlett resin, Backdrop #5     Davey Miss Ellie Mule, Backdrop #5

Customized by Sandra Hottinger                              Customized by Sandra Hottinger

 Breyer Alborozo CM, Backdrop #6               Stone O'Malley FCM  OF, Backdrop #3

Customized by Faye Cohen

Breyer Fresian CM,  Backdrop Autumn #5         Stone Arab CM,,at NAN Las Vegas

 Horse customized by Faye Cohen                          Horse customized by Faye Cohen

Horse costume by Lauren Islip                                                Top 10 Native costume by Gallegher           


Breyer Cleveland Bey CM,  Backdrop #6                

 Customized by Faye Cohen                                                          

New mane done by Alison Ural-Cosby

CM Stone Arab Yearling, backdrop #5                 FCM Stone TB  OF Amazing Grace

customized by Faye Cohen                                       backdrop arena #3

Thanksgiving scene using Autumn Backdrop #2        Breyer Huck Bey CM

                                                                                                     Countryside backdrop #2

                                                                                                     Customized by K. McKenzie


     Breyer Esprit, Water scene backdrop #2       Rose Working Girl ,Forest Backdrop 

                                                                                          Customized by Sherry Clayton 

 Breyer Ruffian custom , Backdrop#15            

customized by Faye Cohen, tack by                  

Ann Florian,,portrait of Barbaro                        


  Lermond Mini Peasant Stomper,                                 Rose mini Jezabel, painted by

 painted by Sommer Prosser                                             Sommer Prosser, Sandune #1

Backdrop   #5                                                                      This backdrop is no longer available


Vingerling Tim mini resin, painted by              Fraleys Rompadeoux mini resin painted

    Josine Vinglerling                                                   by Sherry Clayton  

Backdrop #22                                                               Backdrop #3

    Mini Ravenhill resin,  painted by

     Dani Schaet

     Autumn backdrop #2

    Stone Southern Charm TWH FCM OF           Stone custom performance horse with

   Tack by Vicki Norris, Breyer doll                    remade mane and tail by Sherry Clayton

  Parade backdrop                                                     Outdoor arena backdrop                           

       Stone FCM Palouse  OOAK  OF                            Stone FCM Trotting Drafter,   Midwest Fair      

     Backdrop#22                                                            Backdrop #5                 

   Stone FCM Andalusian ooak ,,  Helens Joe 

Backdrop #5




 Breyer Kadinsky Connoisseur

Autumn backdrop #2  

Stone pony DAH,,LE FCM,,Backdrop #4


   Breyer Ambrose LE,   Backdrop #6


Stone custom ISH by Karen Gerherdt,  Backdrop #28 

Breyer custom George by Debra Brown,,Barn backdrop