Desert Rose Backdrops


                  CUSTOMER GALLERY

     I will add to this page as customers send in their pictures ,,keep in mind that the footing and props such as fences, shrubs, trees, rocks, etc. in these photos are provided by the owners and not part of the backdrops.   Some backdrops do have a fence in the photo and don't need a fence prop.  If in doubt what is part of the backdrop please ask.



 Autumn backdrop#6 by Robin Nere                                                           Backdrop#4 by Vicky Norris                

DeathValley #3 owned by Mary Crooks        Backdrop #3 owned by Kim Janes


 Backdrop #2 owned by Betty Hook                        Old West #1 owned by Jacquee Gilespie



 GrandCanyonwest#1 owned by Amy Showalter       Backdrop #8 owned by Diane Bartlet




Backdrop #6 owned by Faye Cohen                            Backdrop #6 owned by Faye Cohen 



Snow backdrop #5 owned by Vicky Norris          Backdrop #3 owned by Ann Olejniczak



 Backdrop #2 owned by Kris Gee                            Palm Desert backdrop owned by Deb Snow





      This backdrop no longer available                        Backdrop #1 owned by Gayle Heaps


 Indoor Arena#1 owned by Rosemary Simeon        Backdrop #9 owned by Ildze Ekmanis



 Indoor Arena #3 owned by Ann Baldock         Meadow scene #14 owned by VickyNorris

Indoor Arena #1 owned by Michelle Smith 

       Corral #1 owned by Amanda Swenson

Backdrop #1 owned by MichelleCoxQualters        Backdrop #6 owned by Faye Cohen

      Backdrop #5 owned by Tara Oliver

Eng. Countryside #1 by Teresa Botkins       Desert/Arab backdrop by Janis Nixon



Backdrop #3 owned by Sommer Prosser                Sanddune #1 by Sommer Prosser,,not avail.

        DeathValley #3  by Kayla Hartley

Backdrop  #9 owned by Ildze Ekmanis          Indoor Arena #3 owned by Kim Bleecher 

     Backdrop #5 by Sommer Prosser       Meadows #14 by Vicki Norris

       English countryside #1 by Vicki Norris 

                       Arena #3 by Renee Jordan        

      Rodeo Arena backdrop by Alice Malcolm

 Snow/meadow backdrop #4  by Chris Flint                   

 Prairie Backdrop by Denise Schneider

Palm Desert Backdrop by Denise Schneider  

 Backdrop #6 by Ilka Getzkow

  panquich meadow by Denise Schneider

 Stable #1 backdrop by lldze Ekmanis

 Prairie backdrop by Joan Cook

 Snow Mountain/Meadow backdrop #3 by Jacquee Gillespie

 Backdrop #21 by Berni Phillips

 Backdrop #20 using a fence prop by Berni Phillips

 Backdrop meadow #2,  by Chris Flint

 High Desert backdrop by Donna Allen


Pioche 1 backdrop by

Donna Allen


 Pioche 3 backdrop,  by Gary Lane

English Countryside 1 backdrop by Stephanie Dye

Pioche 3 backdrop by Gary Lane

Pioche 1 backdrop by Donna Allen


High Desert backdrop by Gary Lane


Backdrop #23 by Gary Lane

Backdrop 1 by Betty Hook

Backdrop, water scene #2 by Ildze Ekmanis

 Barn backdrop by Ildze Ekmanis

Arena #1 backdrop by Gary Lane

Snow #1 backdrop by Gary Lane

Outdoor rodeo arena backdrop by Gary Lane

 Barn backdrop by Vicki Norris

 Backdrop #21 by Vicki Norris

 Parade Backdrop by Vicki Norris

High Desert Backdrop by Donna Allen 

 Pioche 1 backdrop,,by Donna Allen


 Pioche 1 backdrop by Donna Allen


Autumn backdrop 1  by Gary Lane 


 Death Valley #1 backdrop by Chris Flint


 Red desert backdrop  by Peg Harris     Stablemate size only


Backdrop #22 by Juanita Bitter 


Redrock Desert Backdrop by Donna Allen