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Showcase your st​unning ​model horses with a beautiful backdrop of the southwest.


For your model horse photo shows or sales ads.  Suitable for all size horses. Backdrops are actual photographs taken in the southwest mostly by me, Kathy Casey, since 2000.


Always printed in a matte finish so you wont get the glare. They come in sizes ranging from 5x7 to 20x30 inches. They are printed on high-quality photographic paper. All backdrops come with instructions on use and care.


These backdrops also make beautiful framed wall hangings.    If you click on the pictures you will get the full view.


Prices are as follows and all are postage paid.

5x7---$7.00ppd for micro minis

8x10--$12.00ppd for stablemates or micro minis

11x14--$21.00ppd for stablemates, LBs or small classics

16x20--$27.00ppd for classics or small traditionals


20x30--$37.00ppd for all traditional sizes and smaller


The larger backdrops are rolled and shipped via first class or priority mail. Smaller sizes are shipped first class in a flat photo envelope.


I can ship up to 3 20x30 backdrops in one tube.


Some backdrops take approximately 10 days to process while others can take as little as 3 days. 


I accept postal money orders and paypal. No personal checks.


ATTN:  I can no longer give refunds.   However, I will be happy to do a replacement if your not happy with your backdrop but you would have to send your backdrop back to me before I can order your replacement.  Thank you for understanding.

There are several pics in my showstring gallery to show you how it looks using different scenes. Also check out the customer gallery to see some amazing scenes.  Click on all the pictures to get the full view.




Backdrop #12 is a closeup of a racetrack rail. Backdrop #10 is a cavalry scene.


Here are a few samples of what I have. I have many others on the Model Horse connection pages link below

just do a search for desert rose backdrops.


If you have any questions or would like to place an order please contact me at



Photo Shows allow model horse owners from all over the world to compete against each other without ever meeting face-to-face. A scene is set up that features the model in either a natural or studio setting and a photo is taken. Photos can either be the traditional paper pictures or, more frequently, digital photos. These photos are then submitted to the show holder who uses these photos to judge how well each model compares to its competition and to the requirements of the class.  To enter contact the following clubs.


Model Equine Photo Showers Association: In the time-honored tradition of mail-in photo showing, MEPSA is the longest running and, as far as I know, largest group of its kind. MEPSA  with an annual season of member shows in which entrants can qualify their horses for the year-end MEPSA International Championship Show. There the best of the best compete for ribbons, models, and other awards, and perhaps most of all, a spot in the beautiful Championship Show Book published each year. MEPSA also has a whole division devoted to novice showers, with a full range of classes and constructive feedback and help provided by experienced volunteer judges. You can join the MEPSA discussion group on here.


Model Horse Original Finish Club: The Model Horse Original Finish Club is another mail-in photo show club, a friendly, no drama group for collecting and showing original finish model horses (no customs or artist resins). They offer competition, recognition and prizes based on vintage, breed standards, presentation/photography, and more. New hobbyists and veterans alike can check them out at their homepage in the link here.


Totally Online Photo Showers Association: TOPSA is perhaps the largest and longest running online photo showing organization. This small-fee-to-show (I believe last year our annual dues were $5 or so) photo show group has something to offer just about any level and style of showing, with many divisions for all makes and types of models. TOPSA holds a year end Championship Show for horses that have qualified throughout the year, with virtual rosettes. You can join the TOPSA discussion group on here.


Model Horse Online Show Series: is another online photo showing group. MHOSS is free to join, and has a wide variety of divisions and classes. The Snapbraggin platform used by MHOSS is user friendly and easy to navigate, or at least so I find it, and it automatically tracks placings and accumulated points (nice!). MHOSS offers virtual awards throughout the show season, including for qualified horses in the year end Championship Show. You can join the MHOSS discussion group on here.


Original Finish All Makes online photo show: OFAM is an online photo showing group dedicated to most makes of factory finish (aka Original Finish) model equines. To quote from their website: "This club is set up strictly for light-hearted, laid-back fun with showing models." It's a great group and promotes a welcoming environment for model horse hobbyists of all experience levels. You can join the fun on the OFAM discussion group on here.


Mini Model Showers Association: If you like 'em small but still dream big, check out MMSA. This online photo showing group is devoted to the showing of smaller model horses, from Micro-Minis to Curio size. MMSA is free to join at this time, and the enthusiam among its members is as mighty as their minis. You can join the MMSA discussion group on here.


Online Model Horse Photo Shows :  From the website intro: Online Model Horse Photo Shows (OMHPS) is a platform to photo show model horses on an online interface. Built from the ground up, this website will allow you to show your horses, keep track of their placings, host your own shows, and enjoy a fun, competitive environment. The competitions are open to model horses of any make and model including Breyer, Stone Horses, Schleich, CollectA, artist resins, customs, and china/porcelain. Rather than a single club, this is a website that can be used by clubs and individuals alike to host and enter shows. OMHPS is free to join, and has a paid, ad-free premium option as well. 


Model Horse Showing "ABCs":   This is a good, general overview of model horse showing.  For both live shows and photo shows. The article focuses on choosing and showing original factory-finish models, but nearly all of this useful information applies across the model horse spectrum. 


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